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Zumu Software
120 E. Washington Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
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Zumu Software was founded in 1999 with the specific goal of enabling groups of individuals, (not necessarily technically oriented), to create and evolve comprehensive, multi-function websites with ultimate ease and convenience.

We envision Zumu websites as inclusive, collaborative, interactive, well-ordered and well-administered hubs of information exchange that enhance communication and facilitate high-performance group functioning.  Our vision goes well beyond websites that are simple billboards on the information superhighway. We are a vehicle for transporting your organization and community into the future of the Internet experience.

Our initial focus has been the education market, focusing on the needs of school districts and schools. We continue to develop and refine the software. We incorporate many suggestions from our users and continue to make the software easier to use.

Municipalities are the second focus. Each municipality has information to share with the community that lives and works within its borders. Board meetings, agendas, community calendars, etc. can be posted and kept up-to-date with minimal effort and by anyone who can use a web browser. There is no need to pay an expensive consultant or webmaster.

Smaller organizations and clubs are our third focus. It is our belief that virtually any club or organization will benefit from a well-orgainized, comprehensive and up-to-date website. Using Zumu any organization can keep their membership and communities well informed and more involved.