Mobile Apps

Custom Design

Zumu powered websites are completely customized. Using our proprietary software, Zumu will create a site that reflects the unique aspects of your organization.

All clients receive:

  • Custom Designed Sites
  • Slideshows wherever needed.
  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Custom Navigation
  • Custom Footers

If your happy with the look of your site, you can keep it. We can match almost any design. Are you in the market for a facelift? Your new design will reflect aspects of your old site, only better. Need a whole new look? We can do that too. 

Responsive Design

All new sites are designed as responsive designs. This means, no matter how your communty looks at your site, the site looks great. Pages are reformatted. Information remains easy to read and find. 

  • Sites that look great on tablets, smart phones, or desktops--no additional adjustments needed.
  • Custom design for every site.
  • No need to maintain more than one site.
  • Consistent look and feel on all devices

Content Continuity

In addition to your new look, we will move all content from your old site to the new site. While moving the content, we will review the content and let you know what could be deleted or needs to be updated. It's amazing what you can find on an old website when you start looking.